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Dry:soon 3 Tier Heated Airer Review

If like me you hate the sight of clothes draped over your radiators, or the fact that your regular airers can take days to dry in the colder months then this review is for you.

heated airer

How I came across the Dry soon heated airers

I live a small house in London. There isn’t much room for a tumble dryer. Also, I wasn’t keen on washer dryer machine because I heard it cost a lot of money to run.

I read that drying clothes over the radiators can cause mould so with this in my I did a bit of research into finding an alternative.

I came across the Jml dribuddy, but the idea of hanging the clothes put me off and I’ve never been impressed by anything they make to be honest. After much research I found the Dry soon heated airers from Lakeland. I read all reviews, and I was very apprehensive about purchasing because £109 is not cheap.

How long have I had it for? 

I’ve had since 2013, so about 4 years.

How I use it

I hang my clothes as I would a conventional airer the night before, plug in and put a large blanket over the airer to keep the heat in so it dries faster.

Would I recommend?

Yes, yes and yes! Firstly, it works. As a mum of two young kids, dirty laundry and myself work side by side. I’ve used it at least three times a week for the last four years.  Then, its convenient because it folds down flat, so easy storage. According to Lakeland it cost about 6p an hour to run.


There isn’t much, except that sometimes with a large load there isn’t enough room. However, they have a larger size now. Also, it may take a little longer to dry in the coldest months.

Other useful information

You can buy it from Lakeland. It cost £109.99

They sell a heated airer cover which cost £34.99. I would not recommend buying. I didn’t, and a large blanket works just fine for me.

I hope this helps!






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