Family farm fun day at lee valley park farm

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Hi everyone 🙂

I feel like I’ve been ranting on lately. So to balance it out, I am sharing some of our recent adventures as a family. Hope you enjoy!


Isaiah was unwell the week before half term and he was on antibiotics. Then just as he was beginning to recover, he had some sort of reaction to what we still don’t know. Bitter sweet as he didn’t have to miss more school days, but it meant staying indoors.

However, the Friday he was better and we decided to go to the farm for a family day out. We went to Lee Valley Park Farm, in Essex. The farm has indoor and outdoor play area.

Tractor ride

First we went on the tractor ride to see the cows and how they are milked. That’s when I found out that some cows are there just to be milked for the rest of their lives and then probably used in dog food after they die. I have to say the cows looked skinny and I overheard other visitors complaining and expressing their concerns about the welfare of the cows.

Isaiah learnt a thing or two about cows but he kept complaining about the smell. I think that was his least favorite part of the farm.




My aaaaaabsoulute favorite was the toboggan. It was so much fun and the little girl in me wanted to go again and again!


Outdoor area

The kids loved the outdoor area. Isabelle enjoyed playing with the tractors and simply running around. Isaiah was bouncing, climbing and swinging. He needed persuading to go home.


Fresh milk

At the end of our trip, we bought a liter of super fresh milk from the vending machine.

Overall it was a fantastic day out as a family. Although £9 ENTRY (adult and child pay the same amount) is a bit expensive. I would only pay that amount if there’s an event, but not on a normal day.


Gracias y Hasta pronto!




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