Rants and Randoms

A silent roar

I never knew that my heart will be overexposed

so much love it overflows

I can’t bear to see you hurt

The thought of the tiniest of harm to you is the worst

The world can be a cruel place

it’s a disgrace but something I just can’t erase

Motherhood begun

I question myself what have I done?

I pray the Almighty God protect you always

and open many doorways

May he grant you joy

and your enemies plan to decoy be destroyed

My son, my daughter

may your bond continue to grow stronger

Yes the world is cruel

but remember you are dual and may your faith always refuel

For I will not always be here

for that is my biggest fear

Oh but my dear

may your faith in the Almighty God never disappear

for He is sincere

Life will throw challenges at you that may be severe

It may seem unclear

The devil will draw near and try to interfere

May the Almighty God keep you strong

for the devil does not belong

You are special

with many potentials

You are a light to this cold and dark world

Gifts to mankind

May you grow in health and happiness and to see your great great great grandchild (God’s willing)




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