Back to school: Teachers, it’s not ‘fine’

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I may be very relaxed about certain aspects of motherhood, but I am extremely passionate about my children’s education. But I am not a pushy mum. My goal is not for my child to outshine everyone else. I have not secretly hired a tutor for my son and pretend that he is naturally gifted.

Having said that, I am a strong advocate for challenging yourself and never giving up. I know that not every child born is going to be a doctor or a president. Not every child is academically gifted.

However, every child should be encouraged to do their absolute best and hard-work instilled in them from the get go. This can be transferred in many aspects of their lives and whatever they choose to be in the future. The most successful people in the world all faced challenges. They are not all academically gifted but majority pushed and worked their socks off to be where they are. Whether in sports, business or academia’s such as doctors.

Now this is where I have an issue and having spoken to other parents who also agree that describing a child as ‘yhh he’s doing fine’ can be seriously annoying. Like really doh, please elaborate, WTF is fine? It’s a hard knock life, and fine won’t go far in today’s world.

I don’t find parents evening to be particularly useful, especially in primary school. To be very honest, I feel like teachers are either uncomfortable to be really honest with parents or that they don’t really know your child well enough to give individual feedback.

Maybe I would be over it in the years to come, but it’s very exciting that my son -this tiny human being I gave birth to what feels like just yesterday is at primary school. I want to do  everything within my power to support him and his learning so he can achieve the highest he can possibly achieve at school. Yes that means I am the parent that likes home work. Yep. Not so much I would feel overwhelmed, because lets face it, not many six years old an complete homework independently. A weekly spelling or maths challenge is okay. However, I don’t think simply reading 10 minutes a day at home is enough. If it was, then why are schools holding maths/phonics workshops for parents? I feel like that’s schools’ way of indirectly telling parents to up their game. Just my thoughts.

I totally understand that some parents feel that the pressure is on for kids and they should be left alone. I get it… but I need to make this point, it’s a very competitive world out there. Especially for the young and black is the elephant in the room for the big wide world (but we’re not going to touch on that issue *sips tea*)

Moving on… I would rather you tell me he’s on target but this is what can/will be done to challenge him. Please don’t tell me he’s fine like that’s the goal. So if he’s good at maths, challenge him to do his best, if it’s sports, art list goes on… but don’t leave it at fine. Kids can be complacent so challenge them to do great not fine.

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