Rants and Randoms

I feel stupid around my 5 year old

Hey lovielies,

I remember when Isaiah was born, watching him develop and explore was such an exciting experience for me. I couldn’t wait to see him sit, crawl, stand, walk and especially talk. TALK. OVERRATED.

Isaiah was a slow talker and I couldn’t wait to be able to hold a conversation with him. Now I can’t stop him from talking and asking ‘why’. He sounds like a broken record. Repetitive and full of curiosity. He is constantly asking why, why why why. Many of his questions are beyond my comprehension and at times leave me feeling just stupid to be honest.

A few questions my 5 year old asked:  img_6454

  • Why do we need to fart?
  • Why don’t we eat the skin of the watermelon?
  • Where do babies come from?
  • Why do people die?
  • Why are some people poor?
  • Why did God flood the world? Why did he not forgive the people?
  • What happens when you die?
  • Why can’t I have a brother?
  • Why should I bath?
  • Why should I brush my teeth?
  • Why are they doing roadworks?
  • Why is it not my birthday?
  • How come I have to go to bed now and you don’t?
  • Why is a tree made of wood?



I am left perplexed majority of the time. He thinks I should know everything. He gets frustrated sometimes when I am not able to answer, ‘mummy, you don’t know anything’. Then I realise, actually, there is a lot of simple things in life that I actually don’t know.

I think this stage offers the both of us a great opportunity to increase our knowledge.  At times I am very creative with the truth. Sometimes I feel it’s necessary to preserve his innocence for much longer. However, I also want him understanding the real world around him and not let him live in a bubble. It can be very tricky to balance and a struggle I am yet to overcome. What do I hold back and what should I tell him?

Thankfully there is google and siri. So everytime he asks a tricky question that I can’t answer, I tell him to write it down in his notebook. Then we can research it together. I think it will be fun, because even I want to know why we fart.








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