Mummy Diaries

Mini playground on our doorstep

img_5613So in June, I decided to transform (and I use this word loosely) my small garden into a mini play area. Experience has taught me, that I will be hearing the ‘I’m bored!’ term quite a bit this summer. I also wanted to keep them entertained without breaking the bank- in came the mini play area idea. Bear in mind, I have never-is absolutely clueless about anything to do with gardening! I did however, really enjoy this project and found it to be very therapeutic.

I still didn’t want to spend a lot of money doing it up, so everything was done through research and DIY’s. Now when my son is ‘bored’ I just send him outside if I can’t be asked to go to the playground for whatever it may be.

We up-cycled and used leftover paint, basically anything that I can find around the house or can pinch for free.

We made a safari land, fairy land, sand pit… My son was very impressed and excited, and that sealed the deal for me!

So here are some pictures of our little space! hope you enjoy! 🙂

Thank you so very much for reading! Don’t be a ghost :-).  PS. excuse any spelling or grammatical errors, I’m a tired mum (hope you accept my well thought out excuse for not paying attention in English class *chuckles*)







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