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Summer so far


Hey my lovelies,

It’s been a while again. I needed to take a mini break and get my head around the summer holidays. As great as it to not have to worry about school run (you know how i feel about THAT already- School playground gang mums), it can be a bit overwhelming to entertain my five year old (almost six, as he likes to stress!).

So far I have actually been taking my own advice from my previous post 15 BUDGET FRIENDLY SUMMER ACTIVITIES THAT YOU’LL ACTUALLY FIND USEFUL! If you don’t believe me I have pictures to prove it lol! Hopefully it may inspire you to keep kids entertained (I’m also up for any suggestions so please leave a comment).

Any who, I have attached tons of pictures! I hope you enjoy!

So far:

We baked

We baked chocolate muffins. It didn’t taste nice, but Isaiah loved it because he made it by himself.

Indoor play

We’ve been to indoor play centers, my favorite so far is kidspace in Croydon, UK (this is not a sponsored post, I haven’t made it like that yet so believe when i say I love it! lol).

We got crafty!

We made a leafy picture and he loved it – it turned out pretty cool, I think.


Isaiah came second in a youth sports event!

Personally he won {yes I said, I said, I said cus I can- thanks bruno mars}, but after he looked back to see who’s catching up, the winner run passed him. Hoooooowwwwwever, I was really really really proud of him for doing his best. He is sooo sweet, he told me ‘I won it for you mummy!’ and then when he gets upset he tells me he won’t win races for me anymore. Yikes.

296b936e-0499-4d24-970c-afe937f0d5ac.jpgLook at the excitement on his little face! Melts my heart e-ve-ry-time!

We went cycling

My favourite activity so far was our family cycling. It was so fresh, liberating, fun, different, exciting, I could go on and on but we simply loved it!

There is something about cycling in the woods. It was so beautiful, we rode for miles without even realising. It’s something that we would definitely do again, and make it a family tradition to visit during the holidays. My son had a blast. Isabelle enjoyed the ride and slept half-way through. Great experience, highly recommend!


Thank you so very much for reading! Don’t be a ghost :-).  PS. excuse any spelling or grammatical errors, I’m a tired mum (hope you accept my well thought out excuse for not paying attention in English class *chuckles*)





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