Let me tell you about a friend I have lost and it’s all my fault and I’m not sure if I could ever get that friend back. We used to be so close that others envied us- if I may say so myself. We were at our peak during my teenage years. We used to spend at least 8 hours together and whenever I desired really.

We spent time together in many places like on the bus, at a park, at work, school and mostly on my bed! My friend never shied away to come wherever I went  and I was always more than happy to take her along.

Then after having my children, our friendship broke down. Completely now! I spent last night almost in tears because for some reason my children don’t love you like I do. I don’t understand why because you are so kind, and so good for us.

So if you truly love me then why won’t you try harder with my precious night ninjas? Our friendship has changed and I don’t know how to cope to be quite honest. I am so moody without you. So are my children but they will never admit it! I have suddenly become this walking zombie. My skin is breaking out. I am always snapping and I don’t know when I will ever get to spend enough time together with you again. I’m not coping well without you. I get frustrated easily.  So what do you say we try again? Huh sleep? I love you and miss you so much!

Your once sane friend




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