Mummy Diaries

Out and About – Park time

Summer is here.. ish. English weather is unpredictable as many of you may know. So when the sun is out then so are we (sometimes).

We spend most of our days exploring different local playgrounds. It’s fun for the kids but to be honest, it tires them out. Especially Isabelle. When we get home, it’s dinner, bath and sleep. So it’s a win-win situation. Also, I read that apparently children that spend time outdoors have emotional benefits such as reduced aggression and increased happiness. Which is nice. I guess. Well, if it means that I won’t be yelling at home, then I’m all for it.

Isabelle’s favourite is the slide. She thinks she owns it! She would throw a tantrum when I take her off to give other children a go.

Isaiah on the other hand,  literally runs around like a headless chicken. What is it with kids and open spaces? He goes wild, and it’s good that he can play freely.

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

The only issue that I’ve noticed is how much Isaiah still seeks attention from me. He still doesn’t quiet get that Isabelle is a baby, and still very dependent on me. Which means I have to follow her everywhere, but he’ll keep shouting ‘mummy, mummy look at me, look what I can do!’ He doesn’t quite realise that I am not watching Isabelle because of ‘what she can do’, but rather that I need to protect her and other children (her new thing is slapping other children). It gets a bit tricky sometimes.

Anyways, It seems to be getting a lot easier managing the two kids now. Isabelle can eat pretty much any food, so I don’t spend so much time preparing and packing before leaving the house. Overall, I am really enjoying my time with these two.





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