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5 funny excuses my 5 year old gave me this week.

img_4890-1I think between the ages of three and 5, kids can be so damn funny without even trying. Lately, I have noticed some of the excuses and comments my son makes. It’s currently at record high with his excuses. It’s never his fault. There is always a reason behind it all.

  1. I don’t like to listen to adult conversation.

If you have a 5 year old, you’ll know that they like to interrupt. Isaiah is constantly interrupting, or trying to join in the conversation, so I would usually tell him that ‘adults are having a conversation so he should not interrupt’.  Yesterday at church, it was the youth led service so the children department were joined with the adult service.

Me: Isaiah go and sit down

Isaiah: are the children not alone?

Me: No papa (only I call him that), you are with the adults today.

Isaiah: oh no, mummy but I don’t like sitting with the adults

Me: everyone is, so you have to.

Isaiah: But I don’t like to listen to adult conversation, you said I’m not supposed to listen to adult conversation!

  1. I switched my ears off and forgot how to turn it back on.

Isaiah got in a bit of trouble at school this week. I told him we will talk about it when we get home later in the evening.

Sometimes when Isaiah is misbehaving, I will tell him that ‘I have switched my ears off, so I can’t hear him’.

After completing errands and our drive back home, he must’ve thought about the chat we were going to have when we got home. So he thought to mention…

Isaiah: Mummy can I tell you something

Me: Yes papa

Isaiah: you know when I was at school today, I switched my ears off and forgot how to turn it back on. I couldn’t remember how to switch my ears on mummy. I think that’s why I didn’t listen to my teacher today.

  1. I know, I will share my popcorn with Isabelle.

I bet you’re thinking aww isn’t that sweet? They each had a packet of popcorn. After Isaiah almost finished his popcorn, he said he’ll share his last three popcorn with his sister.

Isaiah: Mummy isn’t it good to share?

Me: Yes it is

Isaiah: Okay, I will share my popcorn with Isabelle.  He takes the popcorn out of his packet, ‘one for you Isabelle’. Then decides to take popcorn out of Isabelle’s packet… ‘Now one for me’

Me: Eer no, I don’t think so.

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

  1. My room is dark

Isaiah woke up in the middle of the night and nearly every time he does, he tries his luck to get into my bed instead of his.

Isaiah: Mummy, my room is dark and I’m scared

Me: so what would you like me to do?

Isaiah: Can I sleep in your bed?

Me: but my room is dark too

Isaiah: But, but… I don’t mind

Me: Yes but Isabelle is a baby and she can sleep in the dark. Go to bed and God will protect you. Nothing will happen.

Isaiah: But I had a conversation with God, and, and… he said he’s tired and wants to sleep too.

  1. Can someone switch the light off?

So I caved and I let him sleep in my bed. Sometimes when my sleep is interrupted, I struggle to fall straight back to sleep. I chose my phone (smart, i know).

Isaiah: Can someone turn their phone light off and sleep? I don’t like the light on when I’m sleeping.


I’m sure most mums can totally relate! lol The fun side to parenting.





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