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13 things to do while nesting and preparing in the third trimester.

The final stages of pregnancy was the hardest for me… especially the last 2-3 weeks. It’s like time stood still and I became more and more anxious. Suddenly I noticed mothers and new-born a lot more and just couldn’t wait to get the baby out of me. I wanted time to fly by so I channeled it into organising and prepping for baby, otherwise known as ‘nesting’. Now let me say that if you are pregnant or due to have a baby soon and don’t have that ‘nesting’ feeling it is totally normal. I remember doing research with my first pregnancy and did not have that ‘nesting’ bug and almost felt like I must be doing something wrong. I didn’t ‘nest’ with my first pregnancy but I did with my second. Moral of the story, this is not a ‘must do’ list, but if you are seeking some guidance on ways to pass time and fulfill your nesting bug then this is for you.

  1. Decorate the nursery

I was so excited about doing this but also had to work with a budget. It was going to be a shared bedroom so I decorated her half of the room. From the get go, I decorated my son’s room with neutral colors so it made it easier to incorporate a girl decor to the room. I was financially savvy and quite creative with the decor. I used the same cot my son used and jazzed it up with a pink canopy/drape. It doesn’t need to break the bank.

  1. Organise baby clothes.

I do bulk shopping for my children, usually during the Christmas/January sales. The issue with that is you can sometimes forget the items you have bought. I used the stuva storage combination from Ikea (love me some Ikea) to organise her clothing by putting the oldest age in the bottom draw ascending and rotate as she grows.

  1. Wash baby cloths.

I will be 100% honest with you that I didn’t. I know there are some mum’s out there who may feel very strongly about this but ah well I didn’t. I will tell you why… I did with my first child, because I read articles that suggests you should. Then with my second, I just couldn’t be bothered (yep, that’s right ‘I aint bothered!’). Did it make any difference? In my opinion, nope. Both children are thriving. So there. If you want to be extra cautious, please do, but don’t beat yourself up if you don’t. That being said, I am not a health professional, this is purely my experience.

  1. Sock up on baby necessities.

The last thing you want is running out of diapers or wipes with a new-born at home. If you are able to, stock up on as much baby necessities as possible. I stocked up so much, Isabelle is 10 months and I have still not had to buy baby wipes yet (I stocked up on wipes more than pampers because you can never have enough wipe when you have a child).

  1. Stock up for the house

I stocked up on washing up powder, liquid, tissues, deodorants, and toothpaste. The list goes on. Again it just made this a bit easier with a new born.

  1. Cook and freeze

This was the best thing I did. I cooked in bulk and froze them. The last thing you want is a tired mum who is also hungry. It was a good way to have home cooked meals and avoid spending on takeaways. I packed them in takeaway bowls (you can get these from the pound shop), so instead of spending time cooking in the first month I rested and took it easy. There are plenty of food that freezes well and still taste great.

Also having said that, make room in the fridge for your kind friends and family who may bring you food. I was blessed to have loved ones bring me so much cooked meals, I had to free some of it.

  1. Buy postnatal supplies. Check out my previous post for ideas.
  1. Deep clean.

Give you home a deep clean. Wash carpets/steam floors. I am one of those people who cannot be in a messy home when stressed. A clean environment can keep me calm. You cannot comprehend the emotional and physical needs of having a new-born. Prepare yourself to help you feel organised and top of things as it can get a bit overwhelming. Now I am not saying this is the cure for baby blues or postnatal depression… just saying that for ME clean home clear mind. Also don’t confuse messy and dirty. As your house and environment will get messy… toys and all sorts everywhere. Dirty is not vacuuming for weeks, not wiping toilet seats for days and such.

  1. Spend some quality time with nearest and dearest.
  2. Pack your hospital bag.
  3. Clean car
  4. Charge camera
  5. Relax, go for walks till the day you get to meet your precious little one.


I hope this helps




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