Isaiah was born with a head full of thick coarse hair, but Isabelle on the other hand was born with fine straight hair. And I couldn’t help but wonder if it was a first come first serve basis. Nonetheless, I was so EXCITED that I had a baby girl and couldn’t wait to play with my real life doll. If I had it my way, I would be styling her hair from the minute she entered the world.

I love little girls with beautiful natural hair so I was determined to take care of her hair right from the start. I didn’t start a hair routine till she was about 6 months old.


I avoid combing her hair all the time. So I usually comb out her hair once a week, when I take out her plaits and usually her hair looks dry and tough (see image below). An important advice will be to NEVER COMB OUT HAIR WHEN IT’S DRY. It will hurt like crazy. Instead I spray her hair with my DIY water and olive oil hair mix. Then I carefully detangle with an afro or wide tooth comb.



I shampoo her hair once a week. Sometimes I Cowash (washing with conditioner). Africans don’t produce as much oil so once a week is usually sufficient. Having said that, I washed Isabelle’s hair more often (as often as every day) during new-born stage. However her hair texture became more frizzy, dry and brittle the older she got so I adjusted my routine accordingly.

I condition her hair with either good bubble conditioner or anadolou’s natural conditioner (this smells amazing and leaves her hair feeling so soft).

Once I complete the washing and conditioning, I put cotton tights instead of a towel to dry her hair. The tights helps to retain moisture and avoid over drying her hair.



Final step is moisturising. Very important. Finding the right product is essential. I swear by the Eden’s bee grow butter! This cream is everything. It has 100% all naturally ingredients. Chemical and junk free. Of course as with everything your baby may be sensitive to some essential oils so keep a close eye for any unusual reactions.

100% all natural butter that promotes growth. Email for your orders!
I started using this product from when she was just a tiny baby. She didn’t lose any hair.  I have seen the amazing transformation in the texture and fullness of her hair.   I will highly recommend for yourself and your child. Thank you Eden’s Bee!

Finally, style hair as you desire. I usually do single plaits or twist. This usually last a week. I will also caution you not to do any tight hair styles or avoid elastic bands where possible.

This is what works for Isabelle. Like I always say, one size does not fit all. I hope this will also help you deal with your baby’s hair. What is your baby’s hair routine? I would love to get some ideas from you. Please feel free to share and comment below.





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