Embrace your hidden ‘Bad Mum’

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In my world motherhood is not as glamorous as some may put out there, unless they’re aliens, or a robot. It’s as simple as. I won’t lie to you I put huge pressure on myself to be a great mother and role model for my children, especially my daughter. I take it very seriously.  However, there are so many smug mummies out there using social media as a platform to display their perfectly pristine homes with huge kitchens (I want a huge kitchen, the hypocrisy is real), their perfectly groomed children and the list goes on.

source: google image
source: google image

 Then came the movie ‘Bad mum’ (haaaaaaaaaaallelujah). I had to watch it. I messaged the girls and we had a kid free cinema time (seriously, the first in like forever!). Basically the movie is about mothers not conforming to what is deemed as ‘socially acceptable’ parenting.

We all left the cinema embracing our oppressed bad mum moments. And like many other parents, I have had moments like the women in the movie. I have days when I stay in my wrapper (see pic below) all day (or 2), we have takeaways instead of home cooked meals and the worst one… *covered face emoji* offer crisp/snack till I get out of bed to make a ‘proper’ breakfast.

the resemblance is uncanny! (source: google image)

In fact, I question why slacking sometimes makes us a ‘bad mum’. At the end of the day, we are just human, and you have to just lower the benchmark and forgive yourself. Else you will go cray cray, OKAY?

I think it’s important to normalise that it’s okay to slack every now and then. In fact, I think it can be empowering to admit that we don’t always have it perfectly balanced and put together. Don’t get me wrong ‘motherhood’ and parenting is not a game, but sometimes it can be a lot to live up to.  It’s alright to admit that you are struggling, and that you’re not coping. It doesn’t make you a ‘bad’ parent. Accept and ask for support if you need it. It’s OOOOKAY!  




Calling all mummies out there, lose your capes and salute with pride! I am not perfect and it’s okay!




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