To work or not work after maternity leave

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Okay, where do I even begin with this. I feel this is one of the most dreaded decisions most parents make. Ideally, we will all live in biblical times where the man goes out and provide for the family. And like the proverbs 31 woman have servants and blah blah…

In my perspective, in the current economy its important to work and gain financial independence. In an ideal situation a mumpreneur is great! However if you’re like me, where your stuck and can’t find an idea that leads to an income to support your family… then back to work it is!

I had so much anticipation and contemplation about whether be a stay at home mum on a reduced income that will just about get us by or work to support my family financially… For me I felt I had to go back to work, its a tight enough budget with the both of us working (childcare is ridiculously expensive!) but its an even tighter budget if I don’t work. I am not sure if I would be happy being a stay at home mum on a tight budget. I strongly feel a happy mum is a happy home.

Some may say, well maybe you should’ve worked for many years and save enough so you can have time with your family… but life didn’t work out that way. Simple. So I make it work.

For me, I function better on a tight deadline, so knowing I have limited amount of time with my family forces me to make it count. Its not the quantity that counts but the quality of time we spend together that will create memories. I think?

One of my major worries is how well my 6months daughter, Isabelle, will cope in full-time nursery. I think I will most definitely be the one in tears and left with anxiety the first week or so of nursery. My stomach turns at the thought of leaving my children elsewhere from dark to dark everyday.  Missing school trips and such activities breaks my heart.

Also I feel like I will be a human robot always on the go! After a long day at work, come home, prepare dinner, playtime, learning time, chores… ooh I am changing my mind about working this minute as I write!

However, without working, not wining a lottery or a kind old rich lady leaving me all her assets in her will means we will have to rely heavily on benefit. With the media making it seem as though everybody on the benefit system is there to exploit it… Cuts have been done and benefit system is sooooo very frustratingly difficult. Working for me is the only option.

I am due to start a new job very soon and will keep you posted on my thoughts of work after maternity leave!





11 Replies to “To work or not work after maternity leave”

  1. Even though I don’t have children yet, I can just imagine how difficult it is to leave them at nursery in order to work and provide for them. It’s hard but like you said we don’t have the likelihood of winning the lottery, or finding a pot of gold (lool) so these sacrifices have to be made. Looks like you’re doing a good job though! 😊

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  2. I guess it depends on individual circumstances.
    Children going to nursery /School is part of developing, gaining social skills/Education and independence.
    I understand child care is expensive especially nursery, but working part time is an option. Also if it works better for you to be a stay at home mum because child care is not affordable then there is nothing wrong with that. You can use that as an opportunity for business at home, picking up new skills (youtube). There is also option of working whilst your partner is at home / weekend job because you still need an income to live a better life for yourself & family.
    Last but not least, if being on benefit is going to support you in the mean time as a means to get by then there is nothing wrong with that, everyone’s situation is different so make use of the opportunity whilst you can.


    1. Very true Gbemi, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being on benefit… its was created for supporting families like myself. However the system is not like it use to be, forcing people like myself to get back to work. Many people I know on benefits at the moment are all seeking work because it is causing financial hardship. The ones that are not are mumprenuers (have business on the side). This offers flexibility. But like I said in the post, I don’t have a business so working is my option, full or part-time. x


  3. I must say I love this piece, the honesty, the intent to do right by your family, God bless you, there is no right or wrong way, only the way that works for yourself and your family. So good luck with your decisions and I can not wait to read more, you are an amazing writer. Mummyprenuer. Xxx

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  4. I know I’m reading this a while after it was written, but goodness! This is so, so true. Until I became pregnant, I never thought it was be so heartbreaking to think of being a working mom. I’m expecting in July, and I’m only going to have seven weeks with her and then she has to go to daycare, and I back to work. I’m searching for ways to avoid this right now, but I don’t think the timing will be right to try and jump ship to ship.


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